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Norway Spruce 5'


The Norway Spruce is a fast growing evergreen tree that is native to Europe. This evergreen conifer has a characteristic pyramidal outline with a beautiful, noteworthy feature. This large scale tree is wonderful on properties with a lot of open ground to fill. Use them in windbreaks and shelter-belts as very effective screening hedges. You'll make an enormous statement with a single specimen planted by itself. Norway spruce trees support a wide variety of wildlife. They are important as winter cover for deer and small game including grouse, hare and woodcock. Song birds and fur bearers also frequent these forest types. Norway spruce also makes a good roosting tree for hawks and owls.


Growth Rate: This tree grows at a medium to fast rate with a increase of 1-2 feet per year.
Mature Size: It can grow up to 25-30 feet.
Soil Preference: The Norway spruce grows in acidic, loamy, moist, sandy, well-drained and clay soils. It shows a certain level of drought tolerance.