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Techny Arborvitae


The Techny Arborvitae is a nice shade tree, which is a clone of its parent plant the White Cedar or American Arborvitae. In September of each year it “sheds “ all the growth that grew out the previous year and it drops to the ground creating a very nice mulch around the tree. The Arborvitae will enhance your yard with light green color in the spring and dark green in the summer.  Arborvitaes have long been valued for their many stellar features. They provide nesting, cover and food for wildlife.

Growth Rate: This tree grows at a medium growth rate with a height increase of 1-2 feet per year.
Mature Size: In its maturity, it grows at a height of 15-20 feet.
Soil Preference: It prefers well-drained moist acidic clay, loamy soils.