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Purple Prince Crabapple


The Purple Prince Crabapple tree can be used as a single specimen, or it will make a gorgeous accent when planted in groups. It is a small ornamental tree is valued for its brilliant flowers, foliage, and fruit. Purple Prince Crabapple is an excellent choice among all the Crabapples. This Crabapple easily showcases the best purple foliage of any flowering Crabapple. Finally, super showy maroon fruits develop and hang for fall and winter interest. Every season it will make your mind blow apart with its beautiful display.


Growth Rate: It grows at a Medium to Fast rate.
Mature Size: This tree can grow up to 16 - 18 feet.
Soil Preference:  It has a widely adaptable soil preference. Though it grows well in rich, moist, well-drained acidic loamy soils.