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Red Jewel Crabapple


The Red Jewel Crabapple is a tiny deciduous tree, which features an amazing ornamental display. This Red Jewel variety has become one of the most popular white flowering Crabapples in the country. It is smothered in stunning fragrant white flowers in mid spring. The tree will flower in April.  It has beautiful single blossoms white flowers that typically shed 10 days after they bloom. The flowers morph into small crabapples over the summer and they will turn a brilliant red color. This fruit will last well into the winter months and will provide food for the birds.

Growth Rate: It grows at a slow rate.
Mature Size: This plant ideally grows up to 12-15 feet.
Soil Preference: The Red Jewel has a strong preference to moist but well-drained rich soil under the full sun.