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Sargent Crabapple


The Sargent Crabapple is a dwarf flowering tree that flowers profusely in early spring with pink to white scented blossoms. This compact landscape tree is known as a spring star because of its fragrant clusters of snowy white blossoms. The fruits of this crabapple are deep-red and approximately the size of a Cherry The pea-sized fruits make it easy for birds of many species to pluck and swallow. They are especially favored by cedar waxwings, robins, grosbeaks, and mockingbirds.


Growth Rate: It grows at a slow rate with an increase of 1 foot per year.
Mature Size: This crabapple can grow up to 8-15 feet.
Soil Preference: The Sargent crabapple grows in all soil textures, alkaline to acidic, moist, well-drained soil.