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Spring Snow Crabapple


The Spring Snow Crabapple is a fruit-less, pretty nice flowering tree. In spring, it explodes with stunning fragrant white flowers. The blooms are held profusely along its branches right to the tips. It's a marvelous display of pristine white flowers! Spring Snow Crabapple features a crisp, clean, and classic upright oval form. It can be used in many different ways throughout your landscape. After the yummy-smelling, white spring blooms are done, the tree develops shiny, bright green leaves. You'll enjoy their refreshing shade all summer long. The foliage turns yellow in the fall—a bright harvest shade for seasonal decoration. And this hardy flowered Crabapple is one of the best ornamental trees for winter interest.


Growth Rate: This tree grows fast (around 2 feet per year).
Mature Size: It can grow up to a height of 15-25 feet in maturity.
Soil Preference: This is a widely adaptable soil tree. It prefers rich, moist, but well-drained, acidic to alkaline sandy, clay, loamy soils under the full sun.