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Weeping Cherry


The Weeping Cherry is regarded as one of the finest cherries and for the perfect touch to an exquisite garden. When spring arrives, you'll be astonished by the Weeping Cherry's stunning display. This is often one of the first plants to flower in spring, and it is an extremely welcome sight. The spring flowers are truly a thrilling event, and you'll enjoy a reliable display year after year. When the flowers have passed, glossy, elegant leaves emerge. You'll appreciate the tree's lush shade all summer long. In fall, the dark green leaves bring even more color as they turn shades of yellow and red for lovely fall color.

Growth Rate: It is a fast-growing tree.
Mature Size: It grows up to 20-25 feet in its maturity.
Soil Preference: It prefers moist but well-drained chalk, clay, loam, sandy soils.