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White Pine


The White Pine is widely known as Eastern White Pine, has played a significant role throughout America's history. In colonial days. At its early age, the bark remains smooth and greenish-brown. As an Eastern White Pine ages, the bark will deepen to dark gray and develop attractive, wide, long ridges. The furrows are flat-topped and smooth to the touch. The Eastern white pine seeds are favored by black bears, rabbits, red squirrels, and many birds, especially red crossbills. While potentially damaging to the trees, the bark is eaten by mammals such as beavers, snowshoe hares, porcupines, rabbits, and mice.

Growth Rate: This is a fast-growing tree. It increases by around 2 feet per year.
Mature Size: It grows up to 60-80 feet at maturity.
Soil Preference: It grows best in acidic, drought, moist, well-drained, wet soils.